This Week’s T’d Up: Roger Clemens, just go away already


T’d Up is a weekly column that runs on Fridays selecting, in our humblest of opinions, the biggest sports Tool of the Week. 

It’s gonna be a quick one this week… I’m too geeked for the FIRST ROW SEATS at Comerica tomorrow.

Wednesday night, in an unsurprising move, Roger Clemens plunked somebody.  Whoopedeeedooo you might say?  Yes, I might say that too.  But its so damn predictable these days that he has been issued a 5 game suspension.

Didn’t see that coming?  Well you were the only one. (Also, please stop reading our blog.)

Clemens has always been the first to throw at a guy, well at least the first prominent pitcher to plunk a dude regularly.

Maybe this was due, maybe not… but seriously Rog… you just signed up for the team like 11 days ago, is now the time to show your ass and get a suspension (otherwise known as self-created tired-arm days off).  Grow up, act like a man, and be a professional.. Please… at least for your kid’s sake.  (Who’s phenomenal fielding, by the way, has produced a telling 347 errors this year for Class A Lexington.) 

Nice work Rog, at least you saved Texas a shitty 3rd baseman with a recognizable last name.

 Rocket, for perpetually giving hope to all minor league teams that you might just pitch 2 innings for them every next year, for sprouting a son that can’t field a slow-roller, and for chucking a bat at a player more than once, you are hereby:


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