And We’re Off (DET edition)


heshuge.jpgWell folks, it’s come time.  Mr. TGC and eDay are making their way back to Rock City.  It’s been about 10 months since the debacle that was the ALCS (or the glorious times as TGC calls them).  But we’re headin’ back that way.  Amongst the things we may see on our way North:

  • Cincy’s finest…Or as I call it, the hobos under the bridge to Ohio.
  • Roads that are comparable to Mexico (once you cross the DET border).
  • Most importantly, BIG BUTTER JESUS.  This event is enough to warrant a trip by itself.

So if you happen to be in DET this weekend, give us a shout.  We’ll be at Cheli’s on Friday afternoon/night.  Waiting for the after-game crowd to filter in and enjoying Detroit’s finest chili and beverage.

Saturday, we’ll be at Hockey Town from around wake-up (noon?  1pm?) until around 5pm when we’ll tool over to the game.  At the game, look for two 20-somethings with 50-gallon foam cowboy hats (1 Orange! 1 Yellow!).  Can’t be that hard to find.

After the game, who knows?  In their infinite wisdom MLB has moved game time back to 7:05, so by 11 when the game is over we’re liable to end up anywhere. 

Come join us if you can.  If not, we’ll give you the run-down upon return to the APIAS offices.

Editors Note: A multiplicity of High Fives to begin promptly at 10pm on Friday, 11pm on Saturday, pending a Tigers win.  Here’s hoping for a ‘scuse me padnah, i don’t know you’ from Rod Allen.

One Response to “And We’re Off (DET edition)”

  1. smoothron Says:

    To the tune of Burger King commerical..
    “Big Butterrrr Jesus…”

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