Barry Bonds Finally Smiled


barrysmiling.jpg7-5-6.  It finally, happened.  Shortly before midnight EST, Barry Lamar (LAMAR!) Bonds hit his seven hundred fifty-sixth home-run of his career.  It must be said:  congratulations Barry, finally.

Say what you want about Bonds.  Dick, cheater, whatever.  He still hit 756 home-runs.  And no one else in the game of baseball has ever done it. 

We couldn’t help but notice that Bud Selig was not in attendance.  Classless is the first word that comes to mind.  It doesn’t matter if Barry railed his 18 year-old niece last week.  He has no reason as commissioner of baseball to not be at this game.

It is also worth a mention that Mike Bacsik for the Washington Nationals gave up Bond’s record-breaking home-run.  And he doffed his cap to Barry as he rounded third.  Bacsik knew he just became a trivia question answer.  He knew that his career just got defined by Barry’s actions.  Yet he showed as much class as Selig failed to show tonight.  He should be commended by everyone for that.  Oh, and his baseball card just went from $0.05 to about three-fiddy.

By no means are we here at APIAS Bonds fans.  Not one of us.  And I’m sure some of the other fellas will put in their input as the day goes on.  And it probably won’t be this nice, to say the least. 

But Bonds deserves to smile tonight.  The ride is finally over.  He’ll still be dogged for life by allegations of steroids and pretentiousness, but for this moment on this night…He can finally enjoy himself playing baseball.  And he can finally enjoy his life for a change.

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  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    as Al Downing uncocks the revolver

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