Super Monday Radio Show – Tonight – 8/6


Super MondayWell it’s Monday and that means two things: back to work and Super Monday Sports Radio presented by Tonight at 9pm the boys at will bring you the weekly radio show full of baseball, humor and drinks from the back patio.

Tonight’s show will feature all the segments you’ve grown to love including the third installment of our college football preview. Join us tonight at 9pm for our thoughts on baseball, college football and general unnecessary ramblings.

The show starts at 9pm Eastern, follow the link below to listen in or chat along with the board.

Click here to join the show!

As always, you may call in at 310-984-7600 with questions, comments or thoughts about sports, booze or whatever tickles your fancy today.

Show ID: 211751

3 Responses to “Super Monday Radio Show – Tonight – 8/6”

  1. smoothron Says:

    2SL… back to work? Really?

  2. eDayStat Says:

    I love having my fancy tickled.

  3. smoothron Says:


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