APIAS Goes to Detroit II


You may remember last fall, when three baseball fans with differing views and cheering interests packed in an old Honda Accord and headed north on 75 to the Land of Leyland.

Yes sportsfans, it was APIAS Goes to Detroit, October 2006, ALCS Game 4.

Highlights of that trip included the Friday the 13th Rave going on in our hotel’s grand ballroom, selling the extra ticket in the Hockeytown bathroom, BobWicket Casey Connection friends, PERFECT POUR beers, a walkoff homer, 74,254 TGC high fives, and finally, Eday setting his A’s jersey on fire in the kitchen sink of the Leland Hotel.

Well, the time has come for a return trip. This Saturday August 11, APIAS Goes to Detroit II.

More infighting after the jump.

Neither team has 70 wins like this time last year, neither is in first place, and the League will definitely not be on the line. The goal this weekend is simple.


Your very own TGC and Eday will be sitting in the first row (FIRST ROW!) just past first base. (Yes Ladies, that means an unobstructed view of Andy Van Slyke’s ass.)

Between plotting ways to distract fellow fans with projectile beers in order to get foul balls, and ordering Giant Foam Cowboy Hats (in the respective Orange and Green of course) we feel that we have fully prepared for this venture.

As an open invitation to all readers and bloggers, on Saturday we’ll be hitting up Hockeytown around noon and probably Cheli’s postgame. Or an all-night diner. Or both.

Get ready for hell, round 2, MoTown.

2 Responses to “APIAS Goes to Detroit II”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    I still maintain that shirt set itself on fire. You can ask anyone in that hotel room. It had it coming!

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    If that wasn’t already the shittiest hotel north of Toledo, the smell of burning polyester and paint gave it the top spot

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