This Week’s T’d Up: Steven Tischer, wanting your kids to be losers


T’d Up is a weekly column that runs on Fridays selecting, in our humblest of opinions, the biggest sports Tool of the Week.

This week, OTB Window baseball hit king Pete Rose was asked to speak at a baseball camp for kids, held at some US Army Recruiting station managed by Staff Sgt. Steven Tischer. Some people understand what you get when you invite PFR into the mix. Some do not.

To Tischer’s, and apparently only Tischer’s, surprise, the man that showed up to speak was none other than Pete F*cking Rose.

“He dropped the F-bomb and the S-bomb. He told them winning is everything and if you get second place you’re just losers.”

No shit Steve? The man who once bowled the catcher in an All Star game showed up and talked about how not winning is losing. This surprises you?

More “Letter-bombs” after the Jump.

Tischer continues:

“It was a complete embarrassment. You don’t swear in front of kids, that’s just common sense.”

Reallly, Tisch-daddy? Here you are, commanding an Army Recruitment center, coercing kids into joining the Armed Forces, all the while knowing that as early as basic training they will hear such lovely adages as: “Stop thinking about your girlfriend, she’s been fucking Jody since you got on the plane,” and be called “Maggot, Puke, and Shitstain” (All true quotes).

At least PFR is doing it to make them winners. You do it to break a man’s spirit. Did you get 4,256 hits? No? Then shut the fuck up and let Pete Fuckin’ Rose say whatever he wants. Or don’t invite him to your shitty camp.

At the end of camp Tischer “told all the kids you need to choose your role models very carefully, and what you just heard the other day was not the way adults should speak to kids.”

Unless you are an Army instructor.

At least Rose is real.

Tischer, for commenting on things you clearly know nothing about, for thinking that the general public will know what the hell an ‘S-bomb’ is, and for making a career out of lying to America’s youth, you are hereby:


4 Responses to “This Week’s T’d Up: Steven Tischer, wanting your kids to be losers”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Is Pete Fuckin’ Rose from West Fuckin’ Virginia?

  2. english mastiff Says:

    english mastiff

    english mastiff

  3. armywife06 Says:

    Fuck all of you! When are you going to serve your country and stand up for what’s right instead of counting how many home runs Pete Rose has? HUH? Can you answer me that question? Did you seem to forget where your freedom came from???????

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I think you may have missed the essence of the post.

    My points here, ma’am, are (1) don’t invite a scumbag if you don’t want a scumbag to show up (2) army recruiters are often just as foul and deceptive as Pete Rose ever was (3) I don’t know what an S-bomb is

    I salute our fighting men. I have brave friends in the service I am very proud of.

    I’ll ignore your choice of words as a simple quick-triggered mistake. Now, kindly punch yourself in the face.

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