Does Tim Donaghy know who to be afraid of?


Thoughts while betting on watching the second day of racing at Saratoga…

Everyone knows the story of Tim Donaghy, the gambling NBA referee.  Hopefully, you also know the feelings of myself and 2ndstorylloyd on the topic (see Super Monday).  Donaghy reportedly had police called to his home on Sunday night for “protection.”  It’s easy to assume that the story leaked, and the “low-level mob guys” got pissed and wanted to whack Donaghy.   That’s obviously not out of the realm of possibility, as I assume those guys are pretty pissed… about being called “low-level,” not about the actual incident being exposed.  But, would they be the only ones wanting to whack Donaghy?


Doubtful.  Jump on over to find out who might want to whack off Tim Donaghy. 


Did you see/hear David Stern during Tuesday’s press conference?  He looked about as happy as Charles Barkley being told they ran out of wings at the buffet at Caesar’s.  Someone tried to mess with Stern’s league.  A league that has been accused of all kinds of controversies and conspiracies has given all the UFO-chasers a reason to believe this league might be fixed?    Can anyone think that Stern is going to let that stand?  

Stern and the NBA would much rather it if Donaghy never speaks of his gambling exploits with the Feds or anyone else, for that matter.  Donaghy has apparently already made it very clear that he is going to talk to try and get a deal.  The last thing Stern wants is for him to talk, the testimony to leak, and have Suns fans bitching ever more than they have been for the last two months (Let it go, by the way.  The Spurs were better.).

 And, let’s be honest.  Stern is the most powerful man in American sports.  He’s also from New Jersey and went to Rutgers University.  The mob is not afraid to have ties to Rutgers; see Jim Valvano hiring.  It’s very probable that Stern knows a guy who knows a guy who might even know a guy.  Stern could get some guys to make some calls, and… well, Donaghy probably doesn’t talk… about anything… ever again.

Am I accusing David Stern of this?  Absolutely not.  But, if you were the commisioner of a league teetering on the brink?… wouldn’t you at least think about it?

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