Jones-less Tigers still manage to blow huge lead, Jenks gets 2 saves


Last night, the Tigers were able to pull off a feat that even impresses me, and I’ve seen 76 games this year. 

The trio of former Brave Macay McBride, former starter Chad Durbin, and former DL resident Zach Miner were able to blow a 7-1 lead to the White Sox… with Todd Jones nowhere to be found.


Yes, its true, after having day-prior-call-up Virgil Vasquez throw 5+ strong, the bullpen once again blew the lead, giving up 7 runs over the 6th-7th-8th innings.  The game winner came on a 2 out grounder off the glove of normally solid SS Carlos Guillen.  (Chicago then broke into a man-on-man kissing fest immediately following the game)

Maybe it was  the 9 hours of baseball or the oddity of playing the middle game of a 5-game series, but whatever the reason, the Tigs drop 2 yesterday and the ALC lead falls to 1.5 games (with help from BOS over CLE).

White Sox still gay, after the jump.

hessman.jpg29 year old call-up Mike Hessman’s thoughts:

“We didn’t play that bad,” Hessman said. “We have to throw this one out the door and come back tomorrow and grind it out.”

Yeah whatever rook, just stay away from Jimmy’s smokes.

On to the positive note.  Rocket-fueled setup man Joel Zumaya is back any day now.  Todd Jones is refreshed.  Kenny Rogers is pissed.  And nubes Hessman and Ryan Raburn are playing three or four notches above expectation.  With Neifi Perez due back in about 10 games, he may just come back to a no vacancy sign.

Even after losing a doubleheader yesterday, due to the make-up game, the Tigs still have a chance at winning the series with wins tonight and tomorrow.  Kenny Rogers (3-2) goes against Jose Contreras (5-12) with Verlander (11-3) v. Danks (6-7) on Thursday.


 Oh yeah, Jenks got 2 saves yesterday. Wahoo.

He’s fat.

6 Responses to “Jones-less Tigers still manage to blow huge lead, Jenks gets 2 saves”

  1. burnsy Says:

    Hessman needs to break that bill in. Look like a ballplayer, boy.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Well, he wasn’t planning on wearing it very long when the Braves sent him back to the minors…

    that was in 2004

  3. eDayStat Says:

    You could hang pictures with that thing!

  4. colby Says:

    thats the best you can say that bobbys fat??? what a loser!

  5. Tomas Says:

    How did the Tigers do in the World Series? Oh yeah, their pitchers melted down and they got their asses handed to them by St. Louis. Historical moments happen every year on the South Side, can’t say the same about Comerica Park.

  6. Darcy Says:

    Todd Jones I Think Is In Alabama .That Is what my friends say

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