The Worldwide Leader of Schrute


Yes sportsfans, its finally here.  What better way to determine who, of the ESPN personalities, is the most douchebaggeriest (TM) than to mock their very own worst-idea-ever “Who’s Now” bracket.


Yours truly has been invited to serve on a panel of some of my very favorite sports bloggers.  I, therefore, humbly submit my services to such a noteworthy endeavor.  (I assume I was invited to provide some of the many uses for the word “fuck” and my eloquent descriptions of how the sportsworld can oftentimes cause one to want to dip parts of his anatomy into a variety of liquid concoctions.)

The Who’s Schrute Bracket First Round Matchups can be found over at Burnsy’s Blumpkins For All.

Panelists: Your very own TGC.  Lady Andrea from Ladies… JP from Pyle of List. the Nation of Islam and the creator y facilitator, Burnsy.

Should be good clean fun.  If you ask me, its a damn shame that Mark May was left off the list.  Never fear though, with college football just around the corner, there will be plenty of damn-shaming Mark May going on around here.

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