Emphasizing Repetition: MLB.com


haranguhhhhh.jpgProfessional journalism oops’s (huh?) are one of our favorite things around these here internets.  They bring us so much joy we can’t help but giggle a bit.  We’d like to give Bob Wicket a shout-out for telling us about the story line from last night.  When we went to check on Aaron Harang’s gem from last night (1o innings in case you missed it) we found the following at mlb.com.

He is the second pitcher to throw 10 innings in a game this season this season — Toronto’s Roy Halladay is the other.

Apparently, it was very important to Patrick Allegri to emphasize that this happened this season.  But the big story is Harang, who has been a bastion of hope in that Cincy dugout all year.  Congrats to him on another beautiful outing while his team couldn’t get him a win.

3 Responses to “Emphasizing Repetition: MLB.com”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    This is a disappointment to editors everywhere everywhere

  2. BobWicket Says:

    Thank Thank you.

  3. I got a Blue Jays Roy Halladay Jersey Says:

    As a far-away (Netherlands) Toronto Blue Jays fan, I am always looking for new sites with Jays news.
    I hope that Halladay and Wells stays healthy all season.

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