Scotty O, we’re sorry


Scott Olsen was arrested last night after a long evening of partying and drinking.  We, here at, feel we need to inform you of some yet-to-be-disclosed information.  Well… we went out the town with Scott Olsen last night.*  We may or may not have… okay, we probably contributed to his arrest.  But, damn… it was a GREAT night!  maybedrunkhere.jpg

What can we say?  There were ladies, shots, and shots off of ladies to be had.  There’s a real good chance that Scotty O (which is the name we were told we had to call him) will get suspended for a few games by the MLB.  Luckily, we did not get arrested last night.  So, much to your dismay, Smoothron will not be getting suspended by the higher-ups at… no matter how much you may not want to read this shit any more. 

 Anyways, thanks Scotty O, for a great night… and that stripper named Denim.  Hope Ol’ Bud isn’t too hard on you.

*may or may not be fabricated

One Response to “Scotty O, we’re sorry”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    By the way, Scotty O says Ruck Fedmon’s.

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