Atlanta Braves Start College Bar


bravestap.jpgSo you head out to the ball park, shell out $100 on beer and end up getting arrested.  Sounds like a good time to us here at APIAS, but what could be even better?  No, not ending up outside a 6×8 cage.  I’m talking about spending only $60 to get absolutely housed at a ball game.  That’s exactly what the Braves are allowing fans to do now.

This last weekend, the Atlanta Braves started selling $60 tickets that include all the food and beer you can drink [UmpBump]. When you allot for the fact that beers usually cost about eight bucks, geez, folks, we think those seats very well might end up paying for themselves.

Deadspin brought this to our attention, but we’d like to expand on the issue a bit.  We won’t opine on ball park responsibility, but we will talk more about beer after this jump.

So for a grand total of $60, you can get tickets to a Braves game that includes all the beer your belly can handle (and some more if our drop a P&R).  Oh yeah, there was something in there about food too, but seriously, who has time for food during an all-you-can-drink event?  We have a few questions about this policy though.

  • Can you arrive as early as you wish?  I would get there a 7 for that deal.  For a 8pm start time.
  • Does the free food include anything on the menu?  I defy anyone to eat one funnel cake for every beer they drink (in excess of 2).
  • Would those girls in the standing room section of Wrigley actually get drunk enough to follow 2SL, TGC, and BobWicket back to the hotel next time?

In all truthiness (damn, now we’re gettin’ sued), we would expect this from a minor league club, not an MLB franchise.  But Hell, we certainly encourage it.  If we ever go to a minor league game down in Kentucky, we’d love for them to have an all-you-can drink bourbon night.  Hey, a man can dream can’t he?

5 Responses to “Atlanta Braves Start College Bar”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    this train’s heading to ATL, all aboard

  2. Extra P. Says:

    Oh shit. This has Disco Demolition Night potential written all over it.

    Keep your shirts on and stay off the field of play, gentlemen.

  3. smoothron Says:

    What about bourbon?

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