This is Getting Really, Really Old



Well, Wimbledon wrapped up today, and guess who won?  No, not Teimuraz Gabashvili.  Although that is a fantastic name.  The man who took home the huge cup today was none other than good old Rodge. 

Federer tied Bjorn Borg’s record for five straight Wimbledon trophies.  What you won’t hear about is how he did it in much less spectacular fashion.  For in depth analysis on the difference between these two tennis greats, follow us down the rabbit hole with this jump.

bushybjorn.jpgPlaying style has nothing to do with Borg’s titles being more impressive than Federer’s.  But personal style, well folks he had that in spades.  Seriously, how can anyone compare these two men without commenting on that fantastic beard Bjorn rocked at Wimbledon?  The man refused to shave between the French and the Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club.  And this is why he is a legend.

He was known for his prowess on the court, but he drew all of this power from the beard.  There have been tons of bearded legends in sports history, and there is a reason for that.  Recent history attests to this as you see Baron Davis’ magnificent beard in the playoffs last year take his team deeper than they had any right to go. 

Does Federer rock the beard?  No, of course not.  He even does commercials for a razor company.  Shameful.  Just shameful to the heritage that he is inheriting.  But we suppose no one will say anything when he returns next year to win his sixth championship.  This will be contingent on Nadal showing up baby-faced as always.  If he were smart, he’d show up looking all Grizzly Adams, and start a streak of his own.

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