TWIRS: The PBR, more fun than a barrel full of clowns


sweetnectar.jpgFor this most patriotic of holidays we want to wish all of our readers out there a happy Independence Day as this week in random sports, we go out West and venture into the territory of all those whiskey drinkin’, tobacco spittin’, fat girl lovin’ folks. 

That’s right, we’re doing a salute to the Professional Bull Riders Association.  So grab your lariat, pull on those boots, and find yourself a stud to ride because we’re going in depth after this jump. 

8 seconds is all you have to be on that bull.  Among the things you can’t do in 8 seconds, we can think of three that are important to daily function:

  • Chug a 22 ounce beer (unless you’re the Fox’s Granddaughter)tgcs_daugther.jpgtgcs_daugther.jpg
  • Microwave a hotdog
  • Have sex (unless you’re 2SL)

But what you can do in 8 seconds is ride a bull.  Those 8 seconds seem like an eternity.  Hang of for those 8 and they’ll call you a champion.  7.9 seconds just aren’t enough.  But 8 seconds in Las Vegas, well that my friends is worth over a half a million dollars. 

Isn’t that amazing?  Just for being insane and climbing onto a bucking, pissed-off animal you can get paid over $50,000 per second to be the best in your profession.  We’d be interested in this opportunity except we’re kind of partial to our nuts. 

If you’ve never been out to a rodeo you need to grab your hot cousin and head to the local rink.  You will not see a more educated interesting group of people.  And the rodeo clowns are pretty ridiculous too.  In all seriousness though, the electricity in the air when that bull bursts through the gate is unlike anything else in sports.  Well, except a knockout in a welterweitght fight, but when does that happen?

You’ve got to give them credit.  They risk their lives for a few thousand dollars every week, and less than that if they’re not in the top 10.  Most people make that in a month sitting at desk answering e-mails and reading sites like this one on the internets.  So if you do make it out to a rodeo, tip that cap or hat to these modern-day warriors.  And when one of those boys does get his manhood stepped on, hoop and hollar with everyone else because like NASCAR everyone’s really there to see the wrecks.

2 Responses to “TWIRS: The PBR, more fun than a barrel full of clowns”

  1. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    I am offended…i got a good 12 seconds in me

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    i don’t even have to follow that up with a joke

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