Kevin Durant Ain’t Afraid to Choke a Bitch


The Seattle Sonics will announce in a press conference on Thursday the hiring of PJ Carlesimo as their new head coach.  The general manager of the Sonics, Sam Presti spent the last several years working for the San Antonio Spurs where Carlesimo was an assistant coach, so the hiring only seems fit.

I Love Ya Still

Of course, everyone remembers the Carlesimo and Latrell Sprewell incident in 1997.  I guess Sonics front office personel feel that Kevin Durant and Coach Carlesimo will get along much better than he and Sprewell did.  Let’s just hope this time Carlesimo can ask in a nicer fashion for better passing during practice.

More choking after the jump.

The choking incident of ’97 sent Sprewells career on a downward spiral that saw him all but single handedly destroy the Knicks (Isiah may have helped in that one.)  While he was finishing things up in Minnesota and staking his claim as the Choke Artist, Carlesimo was helping lay the foundation and becoming a part of the San Antonio Spurs dynasty.

The Sonics selected Kevin Durant and Jeff Green in the first round of the NBA Draft and have put together a nucleus of young players the organization feels good about.  The future is bright in the pacific northwest and the Sonics feel there is life in the franchise.  All things considered this is a good hire for the Sonics.  Many insiders feel Carlesimo has as much to do with the Spurs success as anyone on the coaching staff including the head coach. 

The Sonics had two places to go when it came to handling, the future of their franchise, Kevin Durant.  Hiring Carlesimo was much better than bringing Latrell out of retirement to mentor young Kevin Durant.

One Response to “Kevin Durant Ain’t Afraid to Choke a Bitch”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Why couldn’t they hire PJ… and bring Latrell out of retirement?

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