The Working Man’s All Star Break – July 4 Preview


hooray_a_for_me.jpg Its almost time for the average fella’s midweek summer holiday.  I wanted to take a minute and give you a preview of what’s coming up in baseball… mainly so I don’t have to post tomorrow.

The Tigs have a lot going on.  5 All Stars with the possibility of 6 (go vote here for Bonderman.)  Gary Sheffield has fulfilled his duty to society Bud by sitting out two games for throwing a bat to the ground—no word on if the ground will be pressing charges in the court of law.  The new pitching rotation is set.  And Jimmy ran out of Marlboros on Saturday.  Don’t worry, Sean Casey gave him a pouch of snuff and he survived.

After a highly publicized and yet disappointing weekend series with the Twins, the Detroit Tigers now have an even more important midweek bout with the division leading Cleveland Native Americans.  Lets take a look at the pitching match-ups and predictions.


Tuesday: Paul Byrd, RHP (7-3) @ Nate Robertson, LHP (4-6) 

At the outset, you want to take Byrd here, but digging a little deeper we discover that Nate has just returned from a DL stint—for a dead arm—and has recovered some of the Pop and Movement he previously lost.  Also Byrd has failed to last into the 7th in 4 of his last 6 outings, taking losses vs. the Royals and Braves at home. 

APIAS takes Nate to flip the Byrd — Tigers 7, NA’s 4


Wednesday: Jake Westbrook, RHP (1-3) @ Kenny Rogers, LHP (2-0)

Who the fuck is Jake Westbrook?  The Gambler has been unhittable giving up only 1 run ons 6 Hits and 1 BB in 12 innings since being back from pitching arm surgery in April.  No Hand Gook Required.

Fold Em’ – Tigers 4, NA’s 1 (the one is given up by Todd Jones in the 9th)


Thursday: C.C. Sabathia, LHP (12-2) @ Justin Verlander, RHP (9-3) 

This is the matchup the world should watch.  21 wins between them.  Sub 4 ERA’s.  Both regularly pitching into the 8th.  2 Cy Young candidates and a No-Hitter.  This game should be on National TV, but its not.  So those of us with and those in the Detroit Metro area will be the only ones viewing.

Dropping the sweep but taking the series – NA’s 1, Tigers 0 (the one is given up by Todd Jones in the 10th)

There you have it sportsfans.  Have a great holiday gettin’ drunk on a Wednesday morning.


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