AFL, It’s All We’ve Got


hahabeef.jpgWell, we promised it on Friday, and we wouldn’t want to let our loyal fan (s?) down.  So here’s your official Arena League update. 

Down to 9 teams now in the AFL Bowl drive, and there have been some good games over the weekend.  At least we assume they are good games-judging by the scores alone-because seriously, who watches the AFL?  Anyways, the weekend rundown was:

Orlando 26, Philly 41 in what appears to have been the most lop-sided victory thus far in the wildcard round.

Columbus 56, Tampa Bay 55 in what appears to have been the most closely contested game of the weekend.

Colorado 49, Kansas City 42 in what appears to have been a game this weekend.

Okay, so we feel bad about not really knowing how these scores became what they were, so we’re gonna hit up the Monday night Utah at L.A. game at 10pm tomorrow on ESPN2.  This will be directly following Super Monday sponsored by, so no promises on making it through the whole thing.  But if you do happen to watch at home, know that we’re there with you.  At least in spirit.

Editor’s Note: The picture is of a player for the Omaha Beef, which we realize is not in the AFL.  But come on, Omaha Beef??

One Response to “AFL, It’s All We’ve Got”

  1. smoothron Says:

    was that picture taken before or after the elementary school photos were shot on the same set?

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