Super Monday Sports Radio


supermonday.jpgThe fellas at APIAS have had a double secret project in the works for a few weeks now.   Super Monday Sports Radio presented by is a live radio internet podcast with live chat board.  The format, not unlike the groundbreaking and incomparable EDSBS Live college football podcast (of which we are huge fans and regular listeners), would feature in-current-season homerism laced updates, gambling discussion and picks, a weekly Cubs Rant from our resident loveable loser fan, and other booze-related sports issues facing the American landscape… and of course live call-in.

 Basically, our back patio most weeknights if it were bigger, binary, and with microphones. (It already has the beer.)

No promises, as we lack the technical expertise to put something like this together in any reasonable amount of time.  But we wanted to get notice out and check in with you guys what would appeal most. 

What days and times are the most convenient?  Who would you like to see on the show?  Can we get a webcam for sock tricks? Mondays at 8p, 9p, Tuesdays at 9p?  All votes accepted.

 Super Monday Sports Radio presented by

2 Responses to “Super Monday Sports Radio”

  1. 2ndCousinOfTonyTheTiger Says:

    I am looking so forward to the APIAS program. I will try to call in although I understand the lines will be packed. I would love to talk about the sparkling wiggles and things of that nature.

  2. rerun Says:

    i will definetly be listening

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