3-Point Line Changes Opposed by Basketball and Football Alike


alwayschangingshit1.gifWith the upcoming NCAA basketball season poised to change over to the new, one-foot deeper three-point arc (20’9″), its no surprise that there are several coaches out there letting it be known that they disapprove. It may be even less shocking that one of those is Vols chief Bruce Pearl. But what might surprise you is why.

Pearl, in an interview with SI earlier in the week, explained that it’s not the ramifications of his run-n-shoot 3-point game that will be affected. It’s the post play.

“I think players are going to back off, let people shoot the three and double down on the post,” he says. “There will be only one or two guys out there you have to cover. Zone defenses are going to become even more effective.”

Is this a problem for the press-and-chaos style D that UT plays… maybe. But for at least one year, if Bruce Bruce is right, 3-ball specialists Chris Lofton and JuJuan Smith, and gets-better-everyday shooters like Ramar Smith, might just have more open looks than ever. At least for a while.

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And Pearl isn’t the only one with concerns. Based on an off-season survey, 56% of DI headmen opposed the rule change.

So what does that mean to you, Sportsfans? Maybe, just maybe, more jacks, more long rebounds, more run-and-shoot, and more exciting games (UMinn excluded obviously.) But for how long?


New rules chairman Skip Prosser of Wake has a “likely” impending solution. Widen the lanes. Then inevitably, widen the playing floor. Hell, I guess it won’t be too long before we just lay parquet on the football field and have a merger.

Go deep C-Lo. Ainge drops back, hits a wide open Lofton, who kicks it to Smith, who literally kicks it through the uprights. Three points!


3 Responses to “3-Point Line Changes Opposed by Basketball and Football Alike”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Footketball, sounds like a Helluva time to me. Maybe we could split with UT in THAT atleast.

  2. pewterschmidt Says:

    how does one incorporate a football bat into said game??

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    with leather pants, shirt tied in a knot, and some sort of tassle

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