The Neverending Story IV: NBA Playoffs 2007



There have been lots of articles written about these here 2007 NBA Playoffs (smoothron himself having one) and I won’t pretend to be able to expand upon the ideas brought forth by said articles. But the thing that really grinds my gears is the shear epic quality that the NBA playoffs have.

No, I don’t mean epic as in the ’47 World Series, Super Bowl XVI (shameless 9’ers plug, sorry TGC), or even the ’80s Finals involving the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. By epic, I mean just flat-out pathetically long, like Charlie Sheen’s acting career (sans Major League).

Consider that the NBA Playoffs started on April 21st. If, by some miracle (paging Michael Landon) the Cavs did get this thing to go to 7 games, the Playoffs will have lasted 2 whole months. Seriously, I haven’t had a relationship that lasted that long. Then again, the fatherly sage that is David Stern wasn’t controlling all of my actions either.

But let’s look in depth a bit more. The Spurs and Cavs played game 1 in San Antonio and immediately took TWO GAMES OFF. Ridiculous. To win a conference championship in the NCAA teams have to win at least 3 in a row in consecutive days. And here the finest athletes in the world in their sport have to take two days off between games.

Then, you have football. Possibly the most physically bruising sport in America and thier playoffs last 5 weeks. It is understood that they only play 4 games in those weeks, but c’mon, these guys are beating the Hell out of each other (legally Bruce Bowen) for an entire game at a time. And this still results in a champion in 3 weeks fewer than the NBA.

In the end, it makes me sick to be a Spurs fan and have to watch through the end of these playoffs. Thank Mitch I’m not an NBA fan or I’d have 9 months of my life blown on this thing. But I do like my Spurs (David Robinson was a class-act folks) and I’ll probably watch these last few games. Even if they do take another 2 months.


4 Responses to “The Neverending Story IV: NBA Playoffs 2007”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    No kidding. The NBA playoff season. It is WAY too long…………TWSS

  2. W Says:

    People still watch the NBA?

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Touched by Michael Landon was a strange show…

    wait what? wrong section?

  4. Pewterschmidt Says:

    Remember when the NBA had March Madness and completed its entire playoff series in one month???? Me Neither

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