Okay Sportsfans… Now We Have a Ballgame


As we enter into the last savory hours of the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket Round One voting, a fellow contestant/TGC’s opponent has surfaced (see picture). Posting on his Bad Braves Fan blog–which we were unaware of because the HBB writing sample is from If I Ran — the support-drumming, blog-jabbing, and other cantankerous bloviating has begun. We are above none of this.

Did he choose his handle or was it bestowed upon him? You decide.

Best we can tell, he’s a Braves fan (Note to Grimey: everyone at APIAS is still pulling for B-Cox to get the record, so ya got that going for ya).

From his bio, he graduated from Florida (or as its more commonly known nationally, Everyone-Who-Shows-Up-Gets-Free-Letterhead) and he lives in Panama City Beach. My guess is thats the byproduct of a junior year spring break trip gone horribly horribly wrong. (“No mom, its really love this time”).

Besides misunderstanding the title of our lovely profanity and homerism laced corner of the blogosphere (A Homewrecker is a Burrito?), he also took an unnecessary jab at everyone’s favorite Chef, and I think also at all Latin Americans, immigrant and foreign*.

more after the jump

*may or may not be intentionally incorrect

In all fairness, this is a tongue-in-cheek contest, and we think it’s doing good things in promoting some other good and great blogs we previously knew nothing of (Grimey’s couple included)… and all the while giving us each a break from having to be witty, sharp and funny all the time… Now we can just be mean, self-promoting, and elitist (READ: we can be ourselves).

So have some fun with it folks. Vote as much as possible for your favorite Cowboy (#4 seed) and learn a little about some of the other good writers hacking away at the ebays. Gator fans included.

Voting ends Saturday night. Cheating encouraged.

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