2012 Olympics, Brought to You By Pokemon!


So in breaking news that surprises everyone no one, the 2012 Olympics logo has now been declared a health risk due to possible epileptic seizures that could result from its viewing.  I mean, I think the things hideous, but Jebus, I didn’t think it could literally harm me!  A spokesperson claims that it’s not the actual image that causes problems, it’s how it was displayed at a the logo’s launch party.

“This concerns a short piece of animation which we used as part of the logo launch event and not the actual logo.”

Oh, well that makes me feel better.  The logo itself won’t give me the seizures, but if I look at it all funny-like I’ll be rolling on the floor eating my tongue.  I think the most touching part of the story is that the logo failed a machine test that should clear it for safe viewing.

“The logo should not be shown on TV at all at the moment,” Harding told the BBC. “It fails Harding FPA machine test which is the machine the television industry uses to test images.”

At this point, we at APIAS think this story was made up.  There is no damned way that there is a machine that can test images for their seizure inducing ability.  It’s ludicrous.  But listen up boys and girls, this is just another example of what happens when you let the Brits take control of something.  You give them something nice and in the end they just Tubby Smith it into the ground.

2 Responses to “2012 Olympics, Brought to You By Pokemon!”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    The second round of testing shows that it perpetuates feeling the need to sacrifice footwear to musicians and attempting to feed leather straps through small stitched holes in clothing.

    Maybe you should stay away from this logo Eday.

  2. eDayStat Says:

    Seriously, those things could happen to anybody? I also think I saw something about that logo making people spontaneousy pour beverage upon their head. Odd thing this logo.

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