NASCAR’s New Class Has Class


Maybe its NASCAR’s fault that by design, there is 1 winner and 42 losers for each contest.  Maybe this is what enables the culture of the “I was cheateds,” “He’s not playing fairs” and the “not-my-faults.” 

In a sport that has been so maligned with crybabies and blame-tossers for the majority of 2007 (even Jimmie Johnson-4 wins-has complained about phantom debris cautions, and Jeff Gordon-points leader-has bitched about rough racing), perhaps the faces of a New Deal are emerging.


A New Jersey kid in his second year hauling ass around his home track, scoring his first win at the Cup level has got it figured out.  What are his comments after Monday’s Dover Mile?  “Holy Mackerel!”

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When the sport is rocked, last week, by its far-and-away most famous face defecting the team because he can’t get along with ol’ step-mom (leaving Martin in his wake), how does Truex handle it? 

“Junior is a great asset. Junior has been a great teammate for me. A mentor for me,” Truex said. “But we can go on. We can win races. We showed that today.”

When fan-favorite/hot-heads like Tony Stewart and world-class D-Bag Kurt Busch are having to be babied and coddled into submission, Ryan Newman is conceding victory with class.

“What can you say, the guy had a great car, you can tell he really likes this place… which is unfortunate for me.”

After Hendrick newbie Casey Mears gets his first win with sophomore J.J. Yeley finishing second last week; and now Jersey fireball Martin Truex Jr. finding his nearly-post-Junior groove, maybe we’ve got a new style developing: Hard, gambling, balls-out racing where the winner wins and the losers (all 42 of them) go home to get better.

Congratulations to Casey Mears and Martin Truex Jr on their first wins.  Maybe they’ve got a thing or two to teach the rest of you toddlers: “The new class is here.”

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3 Responses to “NASCAR’s New Class Has Class”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    I have to disagree. The day all NASCAR drivers have class is the day I stop watching (READ: Watching the first 20 laps…sleep…and then watch the final 10 laps). I think I would feel cheated if I watched an entire season with no jawing, pushing, punching, helmet throwing, or an occasional middle finger. Since the day I saw a full tire change after a finished race and it’s subsequent T-bone of Russ Wheeler, Cole Trickle has been, and will continue to be my hero, all sceintology and Eyes Wide Shut aside.

    On a serious note, I have to agree that Kurt Busch is a world-class D-Bag.

  2. W Says:

    Since when was D-Bag cooler than Douche? Is this site rated PG?

  3. eDayStat Says:

    I believe it is time for David Stern to step in and teach Nascar how to control the way their stars talk about the officiating…Wait a minute.

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