Media Fight! Everybody Panic!


In case you were worried the rivalry was fizzling… now even the NYY-BOS media hate each other.  Sunday morning before the MLB game, the a group of Yankee and Red Sox media got together at Fenway for the one of a twice-annual “friendly contest.”  The Boston beaters took the win 14-7 snapping a 10-game, 6-year losing streak, but not before a catcher-plowing, a beanball, and a full-on fracas in which Carl Beane-Fenway Public Address game-interrupter, wearing full BoSox uni (no kidding)- had to be physically restrained.


Things escalated when Spanish-language announcer Uri Berenguer rounded third and layed out the NY catcher.  In true I-got-your-back-bro fashion, Bob Klapisch plunked Uri in the head with a fastball his next time up.  Benches cleared. Tussling hilarity ensued.  Peter Abraham’s recounting:

I will say this about the New York media, we don’t back down when the benches clear. We were more riled up than the Yankees were on Friday night. I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. We were a few seconds away from a full-out scrap.

There are rumblings that these gentlemen have a second game scheduled later in the year.  APIAS will let you know as details develop.  Until then, I’ll be looking for a Uri Berenguer slow-pitch softball jersey (or an official Carl Beane straight-jacket).  If you come across either, lemme know.

[New York Daily News] [Peter Abraham]

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