Athletics DL: It Goes Up To 11



As of 05/29/07, the Oakland Athletics had 11 (eleven!) players on the disabled list.  The injuries range from Chris Denorfia being out for the season with an elbow (who doesn’t have an elbow?) to Milton Bradley, who returned to action prominently this week against the Rangers going 2 for 4 with an RBI, and promptly hurt himself again.

But the real story is that the A’s have had to use the DL 13 times this year and that doesn’t count the nagging pains such as Chavez’s forearms/triceps problems.  Lord knows he can’t miss a game because while Marco Scutaro is a good utility man, there just aren’t many who field the ball like Chavez does down at third.  A quick look over at Sportsline revealed the following:

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15 day DL:  Rich Harden, Huston Street, Milton Bradley, Justin Duchscherer, Mike Piazza, Connor Robertson, Chris Snelling. 
60 day DL:  Bobby Kielty, Mark Kotsay, Esteban Loaiza, Chris Denorfia.

Are you serious?  That’s an entire NFL offense/defense on the DL at the same time!  The A’s have used the DL enough times this year to put the entire starting lineup (with DH) and entire starting 4-man rotation on the DL.  And it’s only the beginning of JUNE! 

And it’s not like the A’s had Mendozas on the bench either.  They have Harden, Street, and Duchscherer, who are All-Star quality pitchers, all out at the same time.  Not to mention the opening day #3 starter and world class guitarist/luthier Loaiza on the 60-day DL. Add to that two opening day starting outfielders, the team’s fourth outfielder, and your veteran big-bat off season DH acquisition and things just get ridiculous.

Yet the A’s remain in the race out West at 26-26 (just 5.5 games back of the Angels).  How is this?  Well, flatly put, I guess Billy Beane’s shit works in May.  Somehow they bring up guys like Chad Gaudin and Jack Cust who turn out to be lights out players. 

Cust is finally settling back in from orbit lately, but still, he proved he can get hot for stretches at the big league level.  Gaudin has been simply amazing this season, filling one of the big holes in the starting rotation.  This kid comes up and goes 6-1 with a 2.42 ERA in 10 starts this season.  He allowed back-to-back jacks in his first start, but has since given up zero.  I doubt Esteban’s flying fingers could go 9 starts without giving up a bomb.

So the A’s should be applauded for holding things together in spite of losing so many quality players early in the year.  Here’s hoping the A’s continue to improve as they get back their star players and that they’ll keep that number of players on the DL closer to the number of participants in a croquet match (don’t tell me you had to look that up!).


5 Responses to “Athletics DL: It Goes Up To 11”

  1. nickwill Says:

    Crazy stuff. This happened to my beloved Red Sox to some extent last season. At least you guys are hanging in there. Check out my sports/humor blog here. I plan on doing a story on this somtime this week.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I think they activated Kotsay today… early lines?

  3. Portola Says:

    Kotsay played last yesterday in center and went 0-4, but looked solid in the field and at the plate. He also nearly beat out out an infield hit.

  4. eDayStat Says:

    Early line is 5:1 he goes down with a back injury again, 10:1 he comes down with a hammy, and 2:1 he lasts the year. Why 2:1? Well the back surgery took care of the majority of his problems and Geren won’t play him more than 3 games in a row ’til the end of the year to prevent injury. I think he should be closing like he did down at CSF.

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