Chad Johnson to race horse, news on finish-line dance at 11


You cannot make this kind of thing up.  It is being reported at ABC affiliate WCPO out of Cincinnati that Bengals wideout and dance instructor Chad Johnson will race a horse for charity next weekend at River Downs.

Chad will get a 40-yard head start in the one furlong race on June 9.

It will be simulcast across the country and to South America.

The proceeds will benefit “Feed the Children.”

Apparently its not the first time either.  Cris Collinsworth, Kentucky resident extraordinaire, did it back in the 80’s.  Good luck Chad.  Let’s hope Dee Mirich doesn’t show up.


2 Responses to “Chad Johnson to race horse, news on finish-line dance at 11”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Is there any possible way he could get arrested during this? If not, my interest is moot.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Not sure about Chad, but they’ve already postponed the race twice due to the horse’s probation stipulations

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