This Weeks T’d Up: Larry Zierlein, just trying to spread some joy (and boobies)


Everyone with MS Outlook has done it before.  We’re trying to FWD and hit accidentally Reply, or we’re trying to Reply and hit Reply All.  It can make for some embarassing situations when people you did not intend to, are reading your messages.

Well, Pittsburgh O-Line coach Larry Zierlein (jumping to the lead in the NFL-Assistant-Coach-F#@k-Up contest) has taken these harmless mis-clicks to a new level.  Zierlein was minding his own business, enjoying his lovely streaming soft-core and decided to share it with a few friends.

Well, Big Lar misplayed the buttons and accidentally FWD’d his lovely no-penetration sex-movie-pics to an email list containing all NFL GM’s, their secretaries, and the Commissioner.  Woops.

Let’s be fair here.  There is no malicious intent here and the guy just made an honest and very embarrassing mistake.  There probably will be some kind of action taken, but at least he’s not puking out car windows, going through drive-thrus naked, or taking dumps in women’s closets.

However, this week Lar, for the most embarrassing miskey of the week, and for inadvertantly making sure Roger Goodell has plenty of material to work with, you are hereby:


One Response to “This Weeks T’d Up: Larry Zierlein, just trying to spread some joy (and boobies)”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    How, oh how was I not on this e-mail list. I’m sure the 12-year-old Asian boys on those sites were real nice.

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