All Points Bulletin: Keg missing 8 years, jpeg conspiracy follows


The Barrel may be gone, but surely there exists a picture of it… right?  The majesty of C.M. Newton and Doug Dickey cannot reign of this series of tubes we call home? Can it?…. Can it?

After an exhaustive search of family photo albums, 1980’s game film, and of course, the first 10 pages of Google Images, I have come to find that there is not one picture of the Beer Barrel Trophy to be found.  So for this post, I had to drop some mad Paint skillz and make one. (Please help this not have to happen again).


To catch everyone up.  From Thanksgiving Day 1925 until 1999, the winner of the Tennessee-Kentucky football “rivalry” was year-long lord and master of a full-size wooden beer keg painted Blue and Orange on the respective ends, White in the middle.  The score from each game was then engraved around the outside, and the trophy was subsequently displayed at different locations on the Tennessee campus.

After the 1998 alcohol-related death of a UK player and an EKU student, the tradition was discontinued.

Now, I am unapologetically in favor of resuming this tradition, but out of respect for the situation, maybe with another name.  What many people don’t know is that, due to Prohibition, the Barrel was not always named Beer.  It began as the Ice Water Barrel.  Here is a recounting of its beginnings at Casey Jones’ Drugstore on the UK Campus:

“…we immediately thought of moonshine whisky and started to hunt a whisky barrel.

“When the Women’s Christian Temperance Union got wind of what we were going to do, their protests were vigorous, so we settled for a beer keg.

And so the first Ice Water Barrel game between Tennessee and Kentucky was born. Before the game, six representatives from each school met at the 50-yard-line, where the keg rested. 

A representative would then drink a cup of water from the barrel and toast to the foe. After the song “How Dry I Am” was played, the game was ready to begin.”

Glee club initiatives aside, this is what college football is about.  So let’s drum up some more support and bring back the Ice Water Barrel… (or at least go get it out of the Equipment Room in Neyland so I can have a @^#*ing  picture of it).

The first person to email a jpeg of the Beer Barrel Trophy to will get their prasies sung, picture posted, and one full night of debauchery with 2ndStoryLloyd.*

*sex slave subject to change without notice.

5 Responses to “All Points Bulletin: Keg missing 8 years, jpeg conspiracy follows”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Are batteries included with 2SL?

  2. BobWicket Says:

    I think Yeary took it.

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    +1 Bob

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