This weeks T’d up: Floyd Landis, From Douchebaggery to Blackmail


As is widely known, Landis, after winning an important a bicycle race, was discovered to have cheated (gasp!) by a process called blood-doping.  Well now more of the story explaining this previously All-American lad and his cartooning dastardly ways has erupted at trial [Steroid Nation].  Apparently he and a now ex-friend, Greg LaMond, had long before shared intimate details with each other.  Landis of his doping; LaMond of his childhood incestual molestations.

The news hit yesterday: Being the responsible athlete cheater that Landis is, he had his manager call during the trial and threaten to tell the world about LaMond’s uncle playing “hide the weenie” (actual quote).  LaMond does the right thing, tells the truth in court, and now the world knows of his troubles.

For not only being a coward and a cheat, but now a joke, tool, and a possible felon.  You are hereby:


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