Stu Jackson wanted to hear his name more…


The Spurs-Suns game will be lacking a few key elements Wendesday night and beyond.  Specifically, a guy who was drafted 15 (fifteen!!) years ago out of Alabama will be missing for the Spurs.  This postseason, Robert Horry is averaging about six points per game during the playoffs.  The Suns, on the other hand will be without Amare Stoudemire, one of the league’s up and coming stars, who is getting almost 24 points a game in the playoffs; and Boris Diaw who is getting about seven.  Horry might have illegitimate children as old as these guys.  Advantage, Spurs; at least for one game. 


While, to the naked eye, it doesn’t appear as if San Antonio is losing a lot points-wise (and maybe gaining a little age-wise), should Horry be sitting at all?  Don’t get me wrong, Horry got Nash good, and it wasn’t exactly the most warranted foul, but two games?  Where is the precedent here?It’s like Stu Jackson (NBA executive VP of basketball operations) wanted to get on ESPN or something (he was on Mike and Mike this morning…)Jason Richardson fouled Mehmet Okur in mid-air the other night in a similar late-game situation with no repercussion.  Also, Bruce Bowen stuck his knee damn near inside of Steve Nash the other night, and was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul (the same classification that Horry’s was) with no suspension.  Ask Nash, and his “boys” for that matter, which foul was worse.  If Candians are men, I would hope he’d say Bowen’s.

A lot of outcry has been made that Stoudemire was just “going to check in the game.”  That’s about as likely as Christian Laettner was just walking around and Aminu Timberlake’s chest got in the way back in the ’92 Duke-UK game.  NBA players don’t often sprint five feet on the court to check in to a game.  Precedence has been long set for players coming on the court during altercations that guarantees suspension.  It’s pretty obvious that Diaw and Stoudemire should both be sitting for Game 5 in Phoenix.

The NBA is just taking care of its stars, once again.  Okur got fouled hard, Jason Richardson plays in Game 5 in the Jazz-Warriors series.  Nash, the two-time MVP, gets fouled hard as well, and the culprit is sitting for the next two games.  It would be one thing if the League had an actual policy (what a novel idea…) regarding hard fouls, then these two games that Horry has to sit wouldn’t be as confusing.  But, some hard fouls gather suspensions and others don’t.  Stu Jackson, you’re not very good at your job.  I really hope San Antonio doesn’t need Big Shot Horry at the end of one of these games, because he won’t be there, and I can’t figure out why.

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