Jimmy Cooter…You’ll Always Be, Home Sweet Home to Me


Never underestimate the power of a Cooter. Rocky Top has enlisted the help of none other than former walk-on Quarterback Jim Bob Cooter. Cooter will be a graduate assistant for the Tennessee Football Team next season. Which sparks the question, what other forms of employment did Mr. Cooter turn down??

After carefully conducted research the following are the list of employment opportunities Jimmy B. declined:

-Mayor of Cooter, MO (Yes it does exist)
-Professional snapping turtle hunter
-Friend of Bo and Luke Duke
-Car Dealership Proprietor “Let the Cooter Give you a Ride”
-Web Site Mogul for College Kids – CooterCam.com

Amidst all the serious discussion let us not forget the most amazing portion of this story. Mr. Cooter is a GRADUATE assistant, which means a member of the Tennessee Football team actually graduated. Seriously, all jokes aside, congratulations to Jim Bob there is nothing better than watching football on a Saturday and getting a little Cooter on the side(line.)


One Response to “Jimmy Cooter…You’ll Always Be, Home Sweet Home to Me”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Circa November 26, 2005, Lexington, KY, Commonwealth Stadium

    Visiting fans chanting “PUT IN COOTER, PUT IN COOTER”

    Best. Chant. Ever.

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