See where indifference will get you kiddos?


So APIAS is watching the Tigers-Twins last night and it’s the bottom of the ninth and the guy from first breaks for second.  The catcher just tosses it back to the pitcher like he’s warming up between innings.  So we enter into the discussion on why there’s no stolen base awarded.  We all knew the general terms of the rule, but the name of such rules escape one after 11pm around here.  Turns out, defensive indifference is the official name of said rule.

In addition, if the situation of the game is such that the steal is of little use (usually in the late innings when the runner would not change the game’s outcome by scoring), and the catcher does not attempt to throw out the runner, the runner is not credited with a steal, and the base is attributed to defensive indifference.

It strikes us weird that baseball is alone in taking hard-earned stats away from its players.  So we here at the Pudge decided to look into what the world of sports would be like if other leagues entertained the idea of defensive indifference.

In the NBA, teams are occasionally always giving up easy baskets.  This primarily takes the form of the slam dunk.  Nearly every time a player soars through the air to finish at the rim, he does so unimpeded.  We suggest that any dunk allowed in the NBA, which does not directly spin-off a poster for the dunking player, be declared defensive indifference.  The dunking player’s team gets 2 points; however, the player himself is credited with no points for the effort.  One player dominated the dunk category this year, and his name is Dwight Howard.  Let’s take a look inside D-How’s stats to see how defensive indifference would affect him. 

D.W. dunked the ball an amazing 254 times during the 06-07 season.  He played in the full 82 games which gives him a dunk per game (dpg) of 3.1.  This means he average 6.2 ppg on dunks alone.  If these points are discredited from his scoring for the year, Howard’s scoring average is decreased from 17.6ppg to 11.4ppg.  Basically, Dwight Howard goes from:

 act_dwight_howard.jpg TO act_luke_walton.jpg (crazy tattoo included)

But wait, the NBA isn’t the only place where teams may not be getting their money’s worth.  In the NFL, Terrell Owens led the league in touchdown catches in 2006.  T.O. pulled in a solid 13 TD catches, with 7 of those coming when there was a scoring margin of 15+ at the time of catch.  In baseball, they rule defensive indifference primarily when the denfesive team is up by a large margin.  It would make perfect sense that when leading or trailing by more than 2 touchdowns an NFL corner isn’t exactly playing like Pete Rose on All-Star weekend.  If you subtract those 7 touchdowns due to defensive indifference from T.O.’s total for the year, you get 6 total scoring catches.  That turns T.O. from:

to.jpg TO chriscooley.jpg

Just looking at the rules and stats, it is clear that baseball truly is the greatest game on Earth.

3 Responses to “See where indifference will get you kiddos?”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Eday, I also suggest that indifference be declared in croquet when one of those jackasses goes all rogue and starts hunting the leaders just because he/she sucks too much to compete for the win.

    //still a little bitter

  2. BobWicket Says:

    I suggest that indifference be declared, “James McMillian.”

  3. edaystat Says:

    BobWicket drops in with the comment of the decade. Well played sir…Well played. I only wish that I could have turned some into Mark Coury with one of those stat lines.

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