This week’s T’d Up: Ricky Williams, devoted to the green (and not straight cash homey)


In a turn of events shocking… well, no one.  It was announced today that famed running back fantasy team destroyer, Ricky Williams has, yes, once again failed a drug test.  Crushing the hopes and dreams of Fins fans all over (well before the expected time: early Fall), Williams has, yet again, made his priorities clear.

Ricky, we get it, you like pot.  Hell, lots of people like pot, but its time to stop acting like you want to be a football player.  Just find you a nice mud hut in the Carribean, a Phish CD, and a few lazy friends and leave the rest of us alone.  

For showing up high again, you are this week’s (and the inaugural) athlete person to get…


One Response to “This week’s T’d Up: Ricky Williams, devoted to the green (and not straight cash homey)”

  1. BDoc Says:

    It’s great being a Dolphins fan right now. First the draft, then this. Though, I didn’t have much hope of Ricky Marley contributing this year. I was hopeful that Miami could get something for him in a trade. I still think my idea of Ricky opening a hash bar in Amsterdam might be his best option.

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