A New Breed of Pitcher – The Startoser


Okay, here’s the deal Jeremy.  Yeah you’ve got one of the nastiest sliders in the game today (thank you Joe Morg… erm… Rod Allen for all the constant reminders) however… Jeremy… as a friend and fan… ahem… it would be lovely if you could get out of the first in under 40 pitches.

In the First inning this year:

April 02 – 3 runs – ND
April 08 – 1 run – ND (to the Royals)
April 13 – 1 run – ND
April 18 – 0 runs – ND (whew)
April 24 – 4 runs – ND
April 30 – 2 runs – W 
and last night
May 8 – 3 runs – W (with help from 7 EBH)

 Yes, you are 2-0 this season and have given up 14 of your 21 earned runs in the FIRST!  Don’t give those to the Royals, Angels, or O’s and you’re 5-0 with a sub 2 ERA.  Although it was pretty cool that you threw at Tejada, still, Eday and TGC have an idea:

The Startoser:  A mix of the setup man and closer, while you, Jeremy are throwing those 40 pitches in the bullpen during the first inning (hell, we’ll even let Todd Jones pound some of them into the stands, if you can wake him up that is), our Startoser will be getting groundballs and popup outs in the actual game.  Then, you come in in the second, throw your 6+ innings and are guaranteed the decision.

Who will fill this role?  One leaves that up to Jimmy, but we have a recommendation:  Andrew Miller.

Problem solved.


2 Responses to “A New Breed of Pitcher – The Startoser”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Dang, I stumble in here and find two things to talk about.

    Anything that will get Miller on the field more often is fine with me {go heels} . Granted he’s moved up so fast, I’m not too crushed that they are letting him develop but I’d sure like to see him throw more than 10 innings this year.

    And Theresa Earnhardt is a complete idiot for letting Junior walk. She should have taken a big fat check from him and found something else to meddle in.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I’m of the sect that believes he’ll be getting starts after the roster goes to 40. Thanks for the thoughts… go tigs

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