Dipping Into The Well of Frustration (Ought Six Version)


Getting this going with a letter to the editor sent in July 2006:  (Oddly it never made the light of day… but now)

NOTE: Here is where I would normally link to the article in reference, however it has been mysteriously taken from the LHL Server.  hm

Letter to the Editor

Lexington Herald-Leader

RE: John Clay’s Weekly Commentary Column 

Dear "Editor":

I originally wanted to write in to comment on the many times over the last few months John Clay’s sports articles have been remarkably similar in content and thought to that of Rick Reilly from SI’s back page and Colin Cowherd’s from the previous days and weeks on ESPN Radio.

However, the more I read of Mr. Clay’s original “commentary” I understand why. In fact, his “musings” article last week consisting of simply random thought after random thought was not only the worst article I have ever read in a newspaper of any kind, but it would have gotten bumped to the back page of the Arlen Bystander in favor of Peggy Hill’s “Thoughts On Life.” Further, the thoughts themselves were on par with things my pseudo-sports-minded three-year-old nephew
Austin says.  

(On a side note: Little Austin is getting better everyday at his letters, numbers, and words, and if you like, I can find out if he’s in the market for a one-track sports-town journalism gig to replace that hack.)

I have never, until Clay, come across a more poorly guised effort to try and squeeze any, and I mean any, former hometown basketball player, trainer, coach, or waterboy into print each day.  My goal at this point is for this Letter to the Editor to provide the public service of eliminating column inches from Mr. Clay’s article for just one day.  Should he ever write an actual book, it will no doubt be a hands-on skeet-shooting manual.  I would rather read the toilet paper and wipe my ass with Clay’s column. Good Day.


Lexington, KY


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